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 HELLO & WELCOME   I’m Clair Anderson;   Founder of Be your own kind of beautiful.  Change Catalyst. Teacher/Trainer.  NLP Practitioner. Life coach. Energy Healer.

I believe that changing your mindset, can change EVERYTHING. I believe  you can learn to relax your body and still your mind. I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks. I believe that every human being on the planet could suffer less and be happy more. I believe the body can heal itself, if only we learn how to let it. I believe the most important opinion. The only one that really matters,  is that of yourself. I believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it.I believe that ANYTHING  is possible. I believe in synchronicity. I believe we all have this amazing human power, we just have to step into it. I believe that we store our emotions in our body and if we listen when our body whispers, it will never need to shout. I believe that  forgiveness &  letting go is a gift to yourself.  I believe in stripping away the layers and discovering who you truly are.  I believe that the mind can be taught  to be positive as easily as it can learn to be negative. I believe the body can learn to be WELL. I believe in YOU.


The Proffessional bit..

I studied Psychology for two years at John Moores University (…Twice!)

I am a qualified Teacher/Trainer (PTLS).  Life Coach. NLP Practitioner.  Reiki Master Teacher. Intuitive Energy Healer.


Bits&Bobs  I picked up along the way..,

Volunteering for the Salvation Army and  Homestart Warrington, was a BIG learning opportunity, I attended every course on offer to me as a volunteer,  following the initial volunteer training: including but not limited too:  Mental Health, Safe Guarding. Drugs awareness. Suicide prevention.

I have been obsessed with anything ‘self development‘ since I did GCSE&Alevel Psychology, and realised, hey, there are other people in the World as fascinated as me in human behaviour, and human potential. Which has led me to attend thousands of seminars, webinars, workshops and development courses over the years gaining insight to: Emotional Intelligence. Hypnosis. EFT. Meditation. Mindfulness. Positive thoughts, Law of attraction to name a few of the areas which fascinate me.

I studied out of fascination, and desperation to heal myself,  having experienced; (and recovered from)

~ Mental Health Issues: Anxiety, Depression Eating Disorders. Agorophobia & PTSD.

~Physical health Issues:  Chronic Migraine. M.E/CFS Fibromyalgia & POTS (undiagnosed for a decade).

“If  you devote yourself to anything diligently for ten years, that will make you an expert. (That’s the time it would take to earn two master’s degrees and a doctorate.)”
-Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat.Pray.Love)

Based on Elizabeth’s theory, I am an expert in Positive Thinking & Self Healing.  As I have been diligently devoted to both for the past Decade. Today I am ALMOST FULLY RECOVERED. From bed bound & housebound to well paced and functioning at about 90% That experience, I believe; is my most precious  qualification to date.

And the journey continues 😊













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