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Learning to relax 

Relaxation is one of my healing super powers 😊😊  It was essential for every step of my healing journey.  Taking my body in to a state of ‘relax and repair mode’ allowed my exhausted body to do what it does best. Heal and repair itself.  It also […]

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Just for today

#reikiprinciples Just for today … I will not rise to anger  Anger will rise within us, we are human, but we get to choose how we respond to it. How long we hold on to it. Whether or not, we respond to it.  Want to explore this […]

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Reiki 1

I’m teaching Reiki 1 next month! 11th March 10am-6pm St. Helens   There are still places available,  checkout this link to the Facebook event page for further information  https://www.facebook.com/events/2119334894959615??ti=ia Love Clair 💛

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Inner bliss relaxation

#relaxation  Has anybody been practicing relaxation?  Learning to relax our body and mind, is a beautiful gift to our human spirit.  Like learning to ride a bike, it took many tries, many cut knees and we weren’t sailing down perfectly balanced on our first try. But we […]

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Feel better

Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired? Overwhelm anxiety and low energy taking control of your life?  Do you know you need to make changes but not sure where to start?  Then this course is created for you! 💕 ‘Feel better ‘ An informal, small, friendly and […]

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A beautiful Mix of reiki, relaxation, guided meditation and NLP … And clair magic ✨💫😊😊😊 Blended together to create you  a ‘deeply relaxed’ state.  We anchor this gorgeous state and Hey presto you have a tool at your fingertips that literally relaxes your body and mind in […]

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Self love 

#selflovesunday it’s ok to love yourself. In Fact if you love to help others, it is essential that you do. “You can not pour from an empty cup” The people around you, that come first, they get more from a well taken care of you, than they […]

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You don’t need fixing

Self deveelopment, isn’t about ‘ fixing’ ourselves, we don’t need fixing. We ain’t broken! We just humans being human!  it’s about developing ourselves. You can arm yourself with tools that will help you ninja your way through life! Develop Practices that help you to feel better,  You […]

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Create a peaceful positive  mindset

We get caught up in a loop of negative thinking and ‘think ‘ we have to stay there. But the truth is, we don’t have to stay there.  Nor do we need anybody to fix us.  YOU can create a peaceful positive mindset. YOU can invite your […]

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The trouble tree 

#mondaymeditation Happy Monday lovely people 😊😊  Meditation isn’t just about crossing your legs stilling your mind and chanting ‘ooooooommmmm’s’ 😊 We can meditate on Stories and metaphors and let their meanings and hidden messages weave their way in to our hearts and minds 😊 So today I […]

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