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Learning to relax 

Relaxation is one of my healing super powers 😊😊 
It was essential for every step of my healing journey. 
Taking my body in to a state of ‘relax and repair mode’ allowed my exhausted body to do what it does best. Heal and repair itself. 
It also switched off ‘fight or flight state’ 

Instantly relieving the adrenaline force that I was running on. ( which calls for a whole other set of problems! … Tired and wired, insomnia, exhaustion) 
When it all got to much and I was overwhelmed, when I was caught up in my head perhaps focusing on sickness .. Instead of health..
Relaxation gave me a ‘holiday from my head’ even just a short 10 minute relaxation, allowed me to come back to my reality and face it with a new perspective. 
I explored healing meditations, guided physical relaxations, guided hypnosis. Connecting to the universe, connecting to my guides, self healing with reiki. 
If I wasn’t experiencing these healing results for myself I wouldn’t have believed it.
Then I discovered the healing and recharging power in the willow tree in my garden. On days I could sit out I would meditate and relax beneath the tree. Drawing on its energy to recharge me, sitting in its energy grounded me. 

Relaxing in its energy took me effortlessly in to ‘relax and repair state of body’ 
I had to ‘pace’ myself back to health and back to life. 
Being able to relax softened the blow of the frustration. 
One awesome side effect of relaxation.. Is that I started to relax in to life. Which enabled me to accept where I was at. Whilst staying focused on where I wanted to be. 

( healthy, well, and living life again) 

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