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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of complementary or alternative medicine, rediscovered and developed during the latter half of the 19th century. The technique is used by laying on hands for stress reduction and relaxation and the promotion of healing.

The word Reiki is actually 2 Japanese – Rei: Spiritual Guidance or Higher Power and Ki: Life Energy or Life Force. So Reiki literally means Spiritually Guided Life energy.

What does Reiki do?

When channeled through the body, Reiki works wherever it is needed most. The body’s natural ability to heal itself is supported and heightened. Blocked energies, negative stress, aches and strains are released and the body is cleansed of toxins.

Reiki creates a state of calm and balance, restoring depleted energy levels, relieving pain and treats symptoms, going directly to the core of stress, pain and dis-ease.

How is Reiki administered?

Reiki is administered as a Distant healing or with the laying on of hands. This can be a short session directed at a particular area or a full body session, which are reccommended. You will lay, fully clothed, on a therapy bed in a softly lit room with relaxing and soothing sounds in the background.

What will I experience having Reiki?

All experiences differ having Reiki, however, generally as you are having Reiki you will feel a gentle, warm and soothing tingling sensasion. Your body will relax on it’s own without conscious thought.stress and tension throughout the body will be relieved as your energy comes into balance. You will leave with a deep sense of clarity and well being.

“If you’re really ready to grow, really ready to change, and really ready to heal, Reiki can aid your progress toward wholeness.
Reiki opens you up to receive the blessings of the universal life-force energy.
You may find yourself growing in ways you never imagined. Or, rather, you may find yourself returning to a place of peace, a feeling of love, a sense of calm, and a purpose of being that you forgot you ever had.
You will make some changes in your life. They may be small, subtle changes. Like being nice to a co-worker, or letting a car pass you on the highway. You may change what you eat or what you wear.
You’ll notice coincidences popping up, people showing up to help you, or situations change just when you need them. You’re more in the flow of the universe, or at least more aware of the flow. You trust that life will be ok, that you will be ok, and that reiki can help you. As you continue your life’s journey, you know that you can always use reiki on a daily basis, especially as life takes it’s twists and turns.
Reiki takes you to a safe place. Reiki takes you to your truth, and Reiki takes you home.” (~Nina L Paul PhD)


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